This site was originally launched in January of 1997 through America Online's members' pages.  The site was originally entitled Josefina3's (French) Horn Page.  Josefina3 was the screen name it was listed under and the "French" was in parentheses to indicate my acknowledgement that the Horn is not really French.  Finally, in July of 2000, the site was moved from AOL to its own domain

I'm originally from Oklahoma City, Oklahoma but now reside in Texas.

Professional Career:  I am currently a middle school band director teaching 6th, 7th, and 8th graders.  In addition, I teach private lessons to a few middle school and high school students.  My students have earned all-region, all-area, and all-state honors as well as many superior ratings at solo contests. 

Education:  I attended the University of Oklahoma and graduated with a Bachelor's degree in Music Education.

Horn: I've been playing the Horn for 15 years.  I have owned a Yamaha 668N, but now currently play a Conn 8DRS, which I enjoy playing quite a bit.

Activities:  Teaching doesn't leave a lot of time for me to participate in too many activities.  I enjoy spending time with friends, watching TV, wasting time on the computer, playing video games (I'm a total nerd) and listening to all sorts of music.  When the opportunity arises, I like to play softball, soccer, and basketball.